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Record voice messages and audiobooks on your Windows PC
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Speak-A-Message is a utility that enables you to capture audio content from your microphone. This program might come in handy when recording audiobooks, creating personalized voice messages, etc.
The application comes with a user-friendly interface where all of its built-in tools are listed on the main toolbar. The output settings are very simple to configure and you can easily get the quality output files you need even if you're a beginner computer user.

Speak-A-Message works 100% as long as a microphone is being connected to your PC. You can share your audio recordings via email, attach images to your voice messages, merge sound files, and so much more.

Unfortunately, the program comes with several flaws. For starters, Speak-A-Message supports a small amount of output formats: MP3, WAV, and WMA. Furthermore, you need to download and install an additional tool to work with Speak-A-Message and the speech-to-text utility doesn't always provide you with accurate results.

Also, you need to upgrade to the Pro version of the application in order to get access to additional features.

With that being said, it's up to you to decide which app version is the best for you. They both offer you quality output files and bring you easy-to-configure settings.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Helps you create voice messages
  • Lets you attach images to your audio recordings
  • Comes with a built-in audio editor


  • You need to download and install additional tools to use this app
  • Supports only 3 output formats (MP3, WAV, and WMA)
  • The speech-to-text tool doesn't always work
  • You need to upgrade to Pro version to get access to more features
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